CTS Teaching Room Project

The first of the University’s Central Teaching Spaces have been upgraded to new specification, identified in the development for MECD project. This new specification features all of the available state of the art teaching and learning and creates flexible spaces which can be utilised for varied approaches to teaching delivery. The spaces can be used in traditional lecture style or for more alternative approaches such as blended activities, problem-based and group learning. This is facilitated by the inclusion of multiple displays around the spaces, which individual students can utilise.

Solstice Service Launch

The new CTS rooms also see the launch of the Solstice Service. This is a wireless visual collaboration system, enabling users to connect their own devices for unlimited simultaneous sharing. Please http://www.byod.manchester.ac.uk/ for more information.

Media Production Upgrades

The Media Services Production Team have been upgrading studio facilities to broadcast standard 4K- Ultra High Definition. These upgrades represent a significant investment to further enhance video capability to benefit many university wide activities including teaching and learning, research, communications and particularly distance learning programmes.