Environmental Sustainability

The University makes sustainability a key priority as part of the Advancing the Manchester 2020 Agenda. The three main goals of world-class research, outstanding student experience and social responsibility actively incorporate a commitment to sustainability.

One of the 2020 Agenda objectives is on environmental sustainability as a main focus across all the activities within the University. The University has formulated a Carbon Management Plan with the aims of reducing the University’s total carbon emissions by 40% by 2020.

Our department is committed to the University achieving its goal of carbon emissions reduction through the use of ‘smart’ technologies, energy efficient LED screens and implementing waste management systems.

How we are reducing our Carbon Footprint

  • AV control systems which power equipment off at night
  • Installation of LED screens
  • Investment in new technologies
  • Promotion of our video conferencing facilities
  • solid state laser projectors
  • Purchasing of energy efficient equipment
  • Recycling of packaging and consumables including batteries and lightbulbs