Dual Delivery Teaching

As part of the University committment to ensure that we can offer teaching both in-person and remotely, Media Services has equipped a large number of CTS spaces on campus with high end webcams and microphone equipment to enable teaching via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft teams.

We have installed 2 cameras in each room, a PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera which is directed towards the occupants of the room and a webcam mounted on top of the monitor at the teaching desk. This allows those who are teaching to decide what view the remote participants can see. Combined with the ability to share your desktop and also the Wolfvision Visualiser*, this provides a rich learning environment.

Discrete microphones have also been fitted in teaching spaces and theatres to pick up those who are teaching or running sessions and the students. The microphones have excellent pickup coverage to ensure that remote participants can clearly hear what is happening during the session.

Instructions will be available soon.

Training and instruction on the use of the equipment can be organised with Media Services by contacting our Helpdesk on x52521 or by emailing us at mediaservices@manchester.ac.uk

(*Only available in certain rooms)

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